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Curve Improvement in a Patient with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Following Chiropractic Care:  A Case Report

Cathy Wendland-Colby, D.C.Bio & Davy Lucius Addison, D.C. Bio   



Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2012 ~ Issue 3 ~ Pages 77-80 




Objective:  To report thoracolumbar scoliosis improvement in an 11-year-old female receiving

diversified adjustments and gravity assisted traction.


Clinical Features:  The patient was an 11-year-old female with a scoliosis that was undetected at

a routine school screening.  Objective findings indicated vertebral subluxation and scoliotic

curvature through palpation, leg length inequality, thermal scans, and radiographs.  She had a 22

degree thoracolumbar curvature obtained using the Cobb method and positive orthopedic tests.


Intervention and outcomes:  She was treated with diversified chiropractic adjustments and

gravity assisted traction on a weekly basis to total 31 visits over a three month period. 

Subsequent thermal scans reveal a decrease in paraspinal skin temperature and follow-up

radiographs revealed a three degree reduction in the Cobb measurement. 


Conclusions:  A case of an 11-year-old female with scoliosis is presented.  After 31 visits, a

Cobb angle reduction of three degrees was achieved.  Further investigation into the relationship

between chiropractic adjustments and traction procedures is warranted.  A long-term follow-up

with the presenting patient is also desirable.


Keywords:Scoliosis, Chiropractic, Posture, Cobb angle, Traction, Diversified

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